Download the latest Monit release from the download area

Installing Monit:

 $ tar zxvf monit-x.y.z.tar.gz (were x.y.z denotes version numbers)
 $ cd monit-x.y.z
 $ ./configure (use ./configure --help to view available options)
 $ make && make install

By default Monit is installed in /usr/local/bin/ and the monit.1 man-file in /usr/local/man/man1/. To change the default location use the --prefix option to ./configure


If you have questions or comments about the software or documentation please subscribe to the Monit general mailing list. You can also look in the mailing list archive for answers

On Debian/Ubuntu

aptitude install monit

On Fedora

yum install monit

To list all files installed with the package.

rpm -ql monit

On openSUSE 10.3

yast2 -i monit

on FreeBSD

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/monit


make install

on CentOS

You can install from Dag Rpmforge

yum install monit

Install Monit on CentOS 6 - outdated guide but still works for new versions

on Arch

pacman -S monit

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