A M/Monit license is a one-time payment and the license is perpetual (it does not expire). All prices are in Euro and pricing is determined by the number of hosts you intend to monitor. There are no restrictions on the number of services that can be monitored. Please select the number of hosts you intend to monitor:

  • 50 Hosts

    € 349

    Included: Monitor up to 50 hosts. Free minor version upgrades. 1 Support Incident. 1 M/Monit instance.

  • 100 Hosts

    € 499

    Included: Monitor up to 100 hosts. Free minor version upgrades. 1 Support Incidents. 1 M/Monit instance.

  • 1000 Hosts

    € 699

    Included: Monitor up to 1000 hosts. Free minor version upgrades. 2 Support Incidents. 1 M/Monit instance.

  • 5 Hosts

    € 65

    Included: Monitor up to 5 hosts. Free minor version upgrades. 1 M/Monit instance.

  • 10 Hosts

    € 129

    Included: Monitor up to 10 hosts. Free minor version upgrades. 1 M/Monit instance.

  • 20 Hosts

    € 229

    Included: Monitor up to 20 hosts. Free minor version upgrades. 1 M/Monit instance.

  • Pricing:

    The base price per host is 12.9 Euro and from 20 hosts the prices drops off sharply to make the higher end licenses more affordable.

    You can select from 5 hosts up to 1000 hosts. When satisfied with your choice, click the select button to purchase the license. Only one M/Monit instance can be used to monitor the same set of hosts, so please make sure that you select a number of hosts you can grow with.

    License Upgrades:

    If you already have purchased a license, you can upgrade your license to monitor more hosts. The cost of the new license is the difference in cost between the old license and the new license.


    Incident support included with the software is within 30 days from purchase

    End User License Agreements:
  • Enterprise License

    € 12000

    The M/Monit Enterprise License is a perpetual license which consists of unlimited M/Monit instances for monitoring unlimited number of hosts in-house. The M/Monit source code is included for quality assurance and verification. In addition, you will receive a Software Development Kit (SDK) for building, developing and modifying M/Monit. Support and Maintenance is included for 1 year and provides updates, bug fixes and incident support.

    Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this license.

    Contact us

  • Professional Support

    Support is intended for professional or enterprise customers. If you have encountered a problem with M/Monit, you do not need to purchase support. Please go here to report an issue or a bug.

    For questions regarding implementation or deployment, please consult the M/Monit documentation. For general questions or comments regarding our products, you can contact us at info@mmonit.com

    As a professional or enterprise customer we understand that you have different needs than an individual customer. If you are interested in professional support directly from the developers with implementing or deploying M/Monit or Monit for your company, or if you need priority support for your critical application, this option is for you. You have the option of purchasing a single support incident, or a 1 year subscription of Professional Support where we are always available to you when you need help. When you open an incident, any subsequent communications relating to the original issue are not counted as further incidents - one incident will always mean one completely resolved problem for you.

    Response Time: next business-day

    In the interest of fair use, 1 year support is limited to 10 support incidents per year.

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