See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

M/Monit 3.7.1
This M/Monit release require Monit 5.2.0 or later as an agent. Monit can be downloaded here. See Supported Platforms for the exact OS versions supported by the binaries below.
freebsd-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  7db1a357160793448f8d2ae869eb382a308313661cc94a0ee15ddd190c130198
freebsd-x86 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  9b1f64f9fc0cb9db4748620962a8311ad0a70b649c17af1df22f1da9050ecf5a
linux-arm [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  c62176965f48a8f0a2314d5ce299c1887066cb12eecda5bba9aca3ff5e1dfa03
linux-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  4688e474753c263e937f8b011e1f441f470ce480f9664ac8af86b4f9a038421f
linux-x86 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  a286558e1315174c2f0d602662a0a0fa6cb5838103f0107f374ee1aa5fbd77c3
macos-x64 [5.7 M] Download
SHA256:  a7197b01beb6be059c2983979a981a0573b9314ccd872c8e8a4f319f1035129f
openbsd-x64 [8.2 M] Download
SHA256:  5261359cca414891112a79db3a61a8c9e44b399757163428ce800778cb82add0
openbsd-x86 [7.9 M] Download
SHA256:  b092e8b07ce40c4d7de44b1b39d605eab2d9fbcdf5259c4c40c332c0f73c2733
solaris-sparc [5.7 M] Download
SHA256:  a3082d021e124d611422ed41d0426afc5d923be6dca654d351a0c8c2179abf8e
solaris-x64 [6.2 M] Download
SHA256:  0cf3f77962f7951e8d5b17aa6b6bfd134974d06cfb67117a12a741c166d2615b

The checksums may change when we update the trial license. The downloaded software has a trial license key which will expire after 30 days. There are no other limitation in the software and you can monitor as many hosts as you need. If you like M/Monit, please consider purchasing a license key which does not expire.

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