See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

M/Monit 3.7.1
This M/Monit release require Monit 5.2.0 or later as an agent. Monit can be downloaded here. See Supported Platforms for the exact OS versions supported by the binaries below.
freebsd-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  4bf0f01d883736775c1a9404a85c3fdc6ddf3bda1ec4986cdb8061ea971ed785
freebsd-x86 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  29f9f61fc6edc037d5efa8d25f6f024269d870b219b2ccdec655d05bf77609f5
linux-arm [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  6566b1ab62383842083f5b6fc21bb89cb5d7819795a1d76e65789c1afa313f80
linux-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  10a03b32f4bff340f4bbf47520c7db5d758ba3e7c75129b09e79e94bf1d3b1c1
linux-x86 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  f76d2809b90af4edd44508d9be5f4f7771f43080eff553c4a8b5b909b35d3211
macos-x64 [5.7 M] Download
SHA256:  57a8864cbb42e6796a1c3783b59149a41bd59d6ccdb3e8691329e3d32849dca3
openbsd-x64 [8.2 M] Download
SHA256:  8c2a42fe1b68d265d371197385aad6580406f9809de0a5a911c9937ed81aa438
openbsd-x86 [7.9 M] Download
SHA256:  1dbb37e170465382ad19c07a3b68ab9afd2e629b53f354bd9945be3d620c905c
solaris-sparc [5.7 M] Download
SHA256:  9967cda5ce035f709d4f5c02521c2f2f416cb21dfe6b7f66b2ff846d140e123d
solaris-x64 [6.2 M] Download
SHA256:  1be0feb6b4a35f6dbc970a8a888973dd3af97a0eda72b0df5469c6363d32b169

The checksums may change when we update the trial license. The downloaded software has a trial license key which will expire after 30 days. There are no other limitation in the software and you can monitor as many hosts as you need. If you like M/Monit, please consider purchasing a license key which does not expire.

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