See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

M/Monit 3.6.2
This M/Monit release require Monit 5.2.0 or later as an agent. Monit can be downloaded here. See Supported Platforms for the exact OS versions supported by the binaries below.
freebsd-x64 [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  867bbe09b7607fbadd437b432d4a059c16a170fa7f39539c7a6f2652ea169705
freebsd-x86 [5.0 M] Download
SHA256:  823c65989c25c9115ce899ad554339f702d15b778d61577b725825773c2fce50
linux-arm [5.1 M] Download
SHA256:  3502d8509eece31b2346a602fe728b66c931ec751817585a34b7f5215a9e7bac
linux-x64 [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  dc84819f967470c08fdbfdb9331b938da9d53e44109396cce2b87d1862b47513
linux-x86 [5.0 M] Download
SHA256:  774dc74fe0381eb80d1cbed80f50706d4e94bb2ac5a33cab265710ddc542a393
macosx-x64 [5.2 M] Download
SHA256:  6dd73f496943cb93cb74122d6bd56887041dfeb8656f7e5ad3c80d97f2b9ca39
openbsd-x64 [7.6 M] Download
SHA256:  a02055402595fbaca4d4d8d19cba31505418cf2b8a6d557ef126d21816b60c16
openbsd-x86 [7.0 M] Download
SHA256:  9ec7aa3df1292ad8858fa413200c7f9a05e80078d90cc351079e8598937b0e05
solaris-sparc [5.3 M] Download
SHA256:  468e2f8bea74b86af4aae0ec38bc1525d8ef34f5b01725eebe9d5192a9f5bfca
solaris-x64 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  3cf9958d5bad51e3725596e2cd2a5d2d0a4a3fdc882ae8d35e69fc4ad67909fb

The checksums may change when we update the trial license. The downloaded software has a trial license key which will expire after 30 days. There are no other limitation in the software and you can monitor as many hosts as you need. If you like M/Monit, please consider purchasing a license key which does not expire.

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