See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

M/Monit 3.7.1
This M/Monit release require Monit 5.2.0 or later as an agent. Monit can be downloaded here. See Supported Platforms for the exact OS versions supported by the binaries below.
freebsd-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  84423af5da1b88c2aa02421f08cc29177d9a980e9bb5c305d6c3428373791324
freebsd-x86 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  a2cb553f79ada46ec8027a86a9e3c6862111c11bff9b9f0db91966436f0972d9
linux-arm [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  b1e955c1569f09b7fba42550cefd9ca1d9cb05c7fe992c53dfb59758b51ccfe6
linux-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  fec072291119c646bf0f85570f2d3e7b6461c29c05e770e8e9673852da5cb06f
linux-x86 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  fa71ba831b7eeeb6594c94dec00914bfd3e2862b7a60c978c82980047ce93b74
macos-x64 [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  a0a392e13e05c564ddfe4fe76e334f3e93517ce11bc5fe017d6983225540c1d6
openbsd-x64 [8.3 M] Download
SHA256:  23ef4de6dc221bf5838042910894f6b67ff642b62ffe08516589e7cc4db34fd5
openbsd-x86 [7.9 M] Download
SHA256:  d76c74e402b8cb98e36c465bfd86bfc5b940cecc8f356d9c81710d8d9cd869d4
solaris-sparc [5.8 M] Download
SHA256:  0f2eb8121e7a599a6f598d7381fe487c3661cfe0e2615bcc5eeb1062c7b18343
solaris-x64 [6.2 M] Download
SHA256:  fece6cfcd1fd140ad267499c5199d8affd81dc5881ba9f12209c18ad2c35fc2a

The checksums may change when we update the trial license. The downloaded software has a trial license key which will expire after 30 days. There are no other limitation in the software and you can monitor as many hosts as you need. If you like M/Monit, please consider purchasing a license key which does not expire.

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