See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

M/Monit 3.6.2
This M/Monit release require Monit 5.2.0 or later as an agent. Monit can be downloaded here. See Supported Platforms for the exact OS versions supported by the binaries below.
freebsd-x64 [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  60aca0eb771b502fbff22bd87ef0333a36f2e87544eec28fb981d8d15bb892cb
freebsd-x86 [5.0 M] Download
SHA256:  0db356b3db929d0e81a64539b12f41b5751e9f6b2ec337e22d3c5528dafab14f
linux-arm [5.1 M] Download
SHA256:  3fc11eda04a077b72474794033cf7dae7fe67abf8407aa59fa1642231d1ef85c
linux-x64 [5.4 M] Download
SHA256:  3c31684c719008d6dfb7c53cf5fea88b50b23bc8eb8894fddc23e53854fa9026
linux-x86 [5.0 M] Download
SHA256:  f984223333556c48ba222b7a03eb6bc53e31c1bab8abcd35cbd29b60e0513114
macosx-x64 [5.2 M] Download
SHA256:  5ea3d8f261c80e7badb7436e8f09119164224aa4c0f0c740db3a03c6db7f55c6
openbsd-x64 [7.6 M] Download
SHA256:  ccb8e26e8d2d496e178ac5422b078d334d508e6bc90502b0e572e840b8a7f492
openbsd-x86 [7.0 M] Download
SHA256:  7e8bbbe023f042cf831212ea9ed7ed1795fce6f0f3549ab27b7c2dfafed18278
solaris-sparc [5.3 M] Download
SHA256:  238959c11bed4719934975274df3f1ac33b4cd05655b3b9fdc93248f0d265ee2
solaris-x64 [5.6 M] Download
SHA256:  f730cf063fe65e8e61dcabb59f3af7d5f982478396f7f3b4a56815c607d0751d

The checksums may change when we update the trial license. The downloaded software has a trial license key which will expire after 30 days. There are no other limitation in the software and you can monitor as many hosts as you need. If you like M/Monit, please consider purchasing a license key which does not expire.

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