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Monit can check any program and display its output in the Monit User-Interface. Here are a few examples which demonstrate how this can be useful:

  1. Linux HW sensors
  2. Top 10 programs

Linux HW sensors

On Linux you can check various sensors such as the temperature of hardware components,, fan speed, voltage, etc. using the lm-sensors package. To install this package on Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
sudo sensors-detect

Configuration in Monit:

check program sensors with path /usr/bin/sensors
    if status != 0 then alert

Monit will now check your HW sensors and make the output visible in the Monit UI:

If you use M/Monit, the output can be seen in the status page if you hover the mouse-cursor over a service status LED:

Top 10 programs

Use the command-line utility top to quickly see which programs are currently stressing your machine, regardless if they are monitored by Monit or not.

The Monit configuration is simply:

check program top10 with path "/usr/bin/top -n1 -b"
   if status != 0 then alert

in Monit the output will look something like this:

and in M/Monit: