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M/Monit Road Map

This page list some of the functionality and features we are working on for the next M/Monit releases.

  • Agent-less monitoring. Use M/Monit, without requiring Monit, to monitor hosts and network. Basically use M/Monit to create your own "pingdom".
  • Monitor Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems, with the ability to write custom SQL queries and monitor the result.
  • Configure Monit from M/Monit; Configure Monit agents from the M/Monit web-interface using point-and-click. No configure file required.
  • Uptime report: Add SLA type reports that are sent out in a timely manner (e.g. each week, month) for the monitored systems and services. Also, improve the hosts and services uptime calculation and bring the report out of beta.
  • Custom Analytics: Support arbitrary time series data sent to the M/Monit collector. I.e. M/Monit should support setting up, collect and display in charts, metrics from arbitrary data sources as long as the data follows a specific format. Corollary, support setting min/max threshold values for alerting. E.g. if data is from a temperature sensor, alert if a value is out of bounds
  • GUI: Modernize and improve the User Interface. Upgrade dependencies.
  • API: Extend, improve and provide more operations.

These are only a few of the planned features and we cannot guarantee that a feature will make it into a certain release.