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Released on August 25, 2021

Changes | New installation | Upgrading


  • New: Implement support for jabber MUC messages (multi-user-chatrooms).
  • Fixed: If the Jabber message sending failed, M/Monit may miss the error and the Rules Admin page test may show a false Success.
  • Fixed: The /api/1/admin/users/create API assigned always the admin role if the "admin" argument was set, regardless of the value (even if it was set to false or 0).
  • Fixed: The Event Reports page with huge number of events was slow.
  • Fixed: The uBlock browser extension blocks any file that matches "analytics.js" pattern. The M/Monit analytics.js contains implementation of the Report Analytics charts (it doesn't track the user). The module was renamed to charts.js to work even with uBlock enabled.
  • Fixed: Disable Chrome autocomplete for empty username and password fields in the Host Admin (if the monit configuration doesn't include "allow <username>:<password>" option in the "set httpd" statement)
  • Include upgraded OpenSSL, version 1.1.1l, which fixes the following vulnerabilities:

New installation

  • Download the release for your OS.
  • Unpack the tar.gz file in a directory, any directory will do, but unpacking in /opt or /usr/local are good choices.
  • Go to the unpacked mmonit-3.7.8 directory
  • Run M/Monit using: ./bin/mmonit
  • Point your Browser to the host where mmonit is installed (or "localhost" if running on the same machine), for example: http://localhost:8080/ and login as user admin with password swordfish
  • If you want to set up M/Monit to use MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of the default SQLite database, follow these instructions in the wiki.
  • More documentation can be found inline in the application and in the manual (PDF).

Upgrading from previous M/Monit releases (2.3 or later)

The upgrade program can be used to automatically copy database and configuration files from the previous installation and update the database schema. On macOS upgrading is not needed as the installer will upgrade M/Monit in /usr/local/mmonit automatically.

The whole upgrade process should take less than a minute and you do not have to stop or change Monit on other machines during this process. Monit will simply pick up and start reporting to the new M/Monit 3.7.8 version.

  • Download the new 3.7.8 release for your OS.
  • Install M/Monit 3.7.8 in the same directory as previous release. For example:
  • Stop the previous M/Monit release:
 /usr/local/mmonit-3.7.7/bin/mmonit stop
  • Run the upgrade program and specify the path to the previous M/Monit release:
 /usr/local/mmonit-3.7.8/upgrade/upgrade -p /usr/local/mmonit-3.7.7
  • Start M/Monit 3.7.8:
  • Finally, please clear your browser cache before accessing M/Monit 3.7.8