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Released on October 22, 2016

Changes | New installation | Upgrading | Known Issues


  • New: Use gzip compression when communicating with Monit. Requires Monit 5.20.0 or later. This will reduce data traffic between Monit and M/Monit with up to 75% or more.
  • New: Analytics: Processes Threads chart added
  • New: Analytics: Response time with microseconds precision
  • New: Color-blind friendly status LEDs
  • New: Minor UI adjustments towards a more flat design
  • New: Support for Monit's new "onreboot" settings (for Monit 5.20.0 or later).
  • New: You can now switch authentication in the M/Monit app from Form Based Authentication to Basic Authentication (if you wish). To switch, change <login-config> in docroot/WEB-INF/web.xml
     <realm-name>M/Monit Login</realm-name>
Note that basic authentication does not have a concept of logout and you must restart your browser to logout. The logout button in the UI will only recreate the session and have no effect.
  • Fixed: OpenSSL vulnerabilities CVE-2015-3193, CVE-2015-3194, CVE-2015-3195, CVE-2015-3196, CVE-2016-0701, CVE-2016-2107, CVE-2016-2108, CVE-2016-6304. The OpenSSL team released version 1.0.2j which fixes these bugs. This version of M/Monit distribute and link with the fixed version of OpenSSL.
  • Fixed: Fix XSS vulnerability in unused javascript library components.
  • Fixed: Use constant time string comparison for authentication.
  • Fixed: Protect access to HTTP-API /map URL.
  • Fixed: Delete orphaned statistics for ports, unix sockets, ping test and file checksum which were removed from Monit's configuration. Note: The statistics which were orphaned before M/Monit 3.6.0 will be purged after reload/restart of the Monit agent.
  • Fixed: Communication with Monit agents over IPv6.
  • Fixed: Support for automatically IPv4 and IPv6 Connectors on address="*".
  • Fixed: Removed duplicates in the services dropdown in the event reports page and alert admin.
  • Fixed: Escape control characters. If Monit check program output contained control character, an error was displayed in the dashboard and in the status details page.
  • Fixed: If a Javascript XHR request was initiated in a session which had timed out (user idle for 30 minutes), a "JSON response parse error" was thrown. M/Monit will now redirect to the login page instead.
  • Fixed: If the XMPP password contained special characters, M/Monit returned JSON parsing error.
  • Fixed: The events counter could get out of sync or become negative.
  • Fixed: Analytics now also display datasets with all-zero values.
  • Fixed: Analytics: Port and ping response time legend showed zero for average value if the response time was smaller then 0.01s.
  • Fixed: Improved Jabber authentication
  • Fixed: Alerts Admin -> Mail servers: When adding a new mail server, use the same recipient and sender address when sending a test email.
  • Fixed: Uptime report: Hosts and Services which were up but with no events in the selected range reported sporadically false uptime, oscillating between 99-100%.
  • Fixed: OpenBSD: Add wrapper which sets correct library paths for the bundled sqlite3 binary.
  • Platform requirements: OpenBSD >= 6.0. Solaris >= 11.

New installation

  • Download the release for your OS.
  • Unpack the tar.gz file in a directory, any directory will do, but unpacking in /opt or /usr/local are good choices.
  • Go to the unpacked mmonit-3.6.0 directory
  • Run M/Monit using: ./bin/mmonit
  • Point your Browser to the host where mmonit is installed (or "localhost" if running on the same machine), for example: http://localhost:8080/ and login as user admin with password swordfish
  • If you want to set up M/Monit to use MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of the default SQLite database, follow these instructions in the wiki.
  • More documentation can be found inline in the application and in the manual (PDF).

Upgrading from previous M/Monit releases (2.3 or later)

The upgrade program can be used to automatically copy database and configuration files from the previous installation and update the database schema.

The whole upgrade process should take less than a minute and you do not have to stop or change Monit on other machines during this process. Monit will simply pick up and start reporting to the new M/Monit 3.6.0 version.

  • Download the new 3.6.0 release for your OS.
  • Install M/Monit 3.6.0 in the same directory as previous release. For example:
  • Stop the previous M/Monit release:
 /usr/local/mmonit/mmonit-3.5.1/bin/mmonit stop
  • Run the upgrade program and specify the path to the previous M/Monit release:
 /usr/local/mmonit/mmonit-3.6.0/upgrade/upgrade -p /usr/local/mmonit/mmonit-3.5.1
  • Start M/Monit 3.6.0:
  • Finally, clear your browser cache before accessing M/Monit 3.6.0

Known Issues

  • M/Monit 3.6.0 won't start if orphaned events are stored in the database. To cleanup orphaned events, open the M/Monit database and run the following statement:
 DELETE FROM event WHERE serviceid NOT IN (SELECT id FROM service);
  • M/Monit 3.6.0 will freeze if an Alert rule for specific service group or host group is set.