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Released on February 6, 2011


  • Changed user's default refresh settings for charts and tables from 1 minute to 5 seconds so monit status changes and new events reload faster in the GUI.
  • Improved SQLite thread-locking strategy

Bug fixes

  • The descriptive hostname is only updated once for new hosts so it can be overridden by admin later. In previous versions, M/Monit continued to updated and overwrite the hostname based on the DNS name of the host.
  • If Monit's id file is empty for some reason, M/Monit reported that Monit is older than the required version, even if the version was OK. The id attribute was moved in Monit 5.2 and if M/Monit did not find the id element, it assumed that the Monit version was too old. The error message has been fixed to describe the problem correctly.
  • Fixed a problem if two hosts had the same hostname a JSON error occurred when adding a new alert rule.

Upgrading from previous M/Monit versions

Please perform the following to upgrade from the previous version:

     ./upgrade/upgrade-2.3.x-2.3.3.sh -t [sqlite|mysql|postresql]

Upgrading from older M/Monit versions:

     ./upgrade/upgrade-2.1.x-2.3.3.sh -t [sqlite|mysql|postresql]
     ./upgrade/upgrade-2.2.x-2.3.3.sh -t [sqlite|mysql|postresql]