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Released on October 24, 2009

New Features

  • M/Monit will now send an alert if a Monit agent does not report in on time.
  • Various caching strategies have been added internally. This should help M/Monit scale to hundreds of hosts and beyond.
  • Replaced the Host drop down menu with a host search field in the events page.
  • Host groups can now be used, in addition to hosts, when specifying an alert rule.
  • Service groups can now be used, in addition to services, when specifying an alert rule. A service group is defined in your monitrc control file
  • M/Monit can now send Jabber/GTalk alert messages in addition to Mail messages.
  • The M/Monit server now support SSL. Please consult the manual to learn how to configure M/Monit to use SSL.


  • The web user interface has got a modest face lift.
  • Updated and improved manual
  • Services and service groups are now pre-fetched from Monit when Monit starts up and report to M/Monit. In earlier versions of M/Monit, an event had to occur on a service before the service was made available when specifying alert rules. Note: this feature requires Monit-5.1, Monit-5.0.3 will also work, but service names won't be synced.
  • Improved the AJAX host search field to allow for a more interactive search
  • Improved mail queue handling
  • FreeBSD releases of M/Monit are now built using FreeBSD version 6.0 and 7.0 instead of version 6.4 and 7.2. This allows M/Monit to support a wider range of 6.x and 7.x FreeBSD OS versions.

Bug fixes

  • Evaluate all rules when processing events for sending alerts. Previous versions only evaluated and acted on the first matching rule. Thanks to Andrew Stott for report.
  • Added timezone in date header for mails sent by M/Monit. Thanks to Thorsten Kampe for requesting this feature.
  • Fixed a possible crash in Dashboard when an event from Monit was received with a system time ahead of M/Monit's system time. Thanks to Aleksander Kamenik for report.

Upgrading from M/Monit 2.0.3

If you are upgrading from M/Monit 2.0.3 please perform the following to upgrade the database:

If you use SQLite:


If you use MySQL:

 cat ./upgrade/upgrade-2.0.3-2.1.mysql | mysql -u mmonit -p -D mmonit

If you use Postgresql:

 cat ./upgrade/upgrade-2.0.3-2.1.postgresql | psql -U mmonit mmonit 

Browser Cache:

Please clear your Browser cache before login to M/Monit 2.1. Most pages have been changed in the web user interface and cached pages from the previous version may create problems.

Known issues

  1. Please specify the from address in admin/Message format with a fully qualified domain name, otherwise M/Monit will produce an error when trying to send alert messages. The from address does not have to be a real address with a real domain name, but should be properly formatted as an email address.
  2. Services and Service groups cannot be managed from the UI. This will be addressed in a later release.