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M/Monit 3.0 Status

Update (April): Unfortunately we are on overtime with the 3.0 release. Right now we are in the polishing phase and closing in. There are still some mobile hiccups that are holding us back, but we have hopes of releasing a beta shortly.

Update (31. January): We had planned to release M/Monit 3.0 beta in January, but we need unfortunately still a bit more time. We apologize for the delay and hope you will bear with us a little longer.

Currently we are working on adding a responsive design to M/Monit so it will work as a web-app on mobile devices. The screen shot below demonstrate the concept by showing the same page in a Browser and on a mobile phone.

Updated plan

Our project plan is included below and we will release a "Minimum" Viable Beta Version as soon as we can. If you want to get notified when the beta is released, please join the M/Monit mailing list or keep an eye out on our web-pages.


A few screenshots are included below and show the new application UI. In addition to a new design there are also many functional changes in the application. For instance, strategies to reduce and tune alert messages emitted by M/Monit and Monit.

1. The dashboard charts are now HTML5 and can be displayed on mobile devices and the application no longer uses flash. A list of active errors is displayed at the bottom and can work as a TODO list. These are services currently in an error state that need your attention.

2. Improved Host Status Page

3. Host details is improved and the page can now be viewed even if Monit is offline.

4. Editing a user. A small feature is the ability to upload an avatar or an image of the user.

5. Host Groups are simplified and easier to use.

  • If you already have purchased a license for M/Monit 2.x this license will continue to work with M/Monit 3.0.
  • To be able to release sooner we have scoped out "agent-less" monitoring. If all goes well we plan to add this during the beta phase, otherwise it will be added in the next point release. Agent-less monitoring means that you can use M/Monit without requiring Monit. M/Monit will include the ability to check network service, such as web-pages and also MySQL and Postgress databases. You should for instance be able to write custom SQL queries and monitoring them.