The HTTP-API may be updated in the future.

M/Monit 3.7.4

  • Prefix: All API paths are now prefixed with /api/1. Old paths are deprecated, but will continue to work

M/Monit 3.6

  • Map: The /map/service API output format for typeid attribute has changed from value to array of values. Originally if the same service name was used on multiple hosts for different service type, multiple entries were displayed, e.g.: {“id”:“1”,“name”:“myservice”,“typeid”:“4”}, {“id”:“1”,“name”:“myservice”,“typeid”:“5”} The new output format lists all service types using one entry: {“id”:“1”,“name”:“myservice”,“typeid”:[“4”,“5”]}
  • Status: Added the “onreboot” value.

M/Monit 3.5

  • Admin host: add inactivity based delete support.

M/Monit 3.3

  • Events: Date values are provided as a UNIX timestamp in the GMT timezone rather than as a date-string in the M/Monit’s server local timezone.
  • CSRF-protection: This version of M/Monit includes CSRF-protection as described in the Authentication page. To simplify HTTP-API usage, we provide a way to turn-off CSRF-protection at login, as demonstrated in the examples.
  • Map: New resource mapping API

M/Monit 3.2.1

  • Status: added statusid and heartbeat attributes for /status/hosts/get method

M/Monit 3.2

  • Uptime: optional datefrom and dateto arguments added

M/Monit 3.1

  • Admin host: keepname added

M/Monit 3.0

  • Initial release